3 Chiropractic Secrets

Back Pain Symptoms

Pain Protection & Education

1. Pain is the last sign to come and the first to go.

Misalignments of the spine can lead to fixation and interference of the normal communication between the brain and body. Research indicates that it only takes the weight of a dime on a nerve to cause interference in normal communication and that this can happen with no pain at all. We commonly have patients state that the pain started a week ago, but the injury started after a childhood fall or teenage auto accident. The longer you wait to address a problem the harder it becomes to solve

2. You live your life through your Nervous System and your Nervous System lives in your spine.

Your Spines primary purpose is to protect the delicate Nerves contained inside its solid structure. The spines secondary purpose is to allow stability and mobility. It is important to recognize that your body is innately intelligent enough to compromise stability and mobility in order to protect the nerves contained inside its dense protective structure.

3. Chiropractors know more than your back bone!

classes and subjects

At its roots Chiropractic has recognized that your body has to deal with the stress that accumulates in your life. Exceeding your body’s ability to adapt will lead to breakdown in the system; where vertebral subluxation can be found! To better understand and address the demands put on your body, Chiropractors have undergone extensive education. In fact, your doctor of Chiropractic has undergone almost as much or even more training in the basic sciences as your medical doctor has. The following chart was compiled after information was collected and averaged following a review of curricula of 18 Chiropractic Colleges and 22 Medical Colleges.

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