Can Chiropractic Help Insomnia?


Sleep is essential to your health!

Sleep is essential to your overall well-being. Sleep allows time for the body to rest, heal and process important bodily functions. It helps you to refine learning, memory and can even help with your daytime mood.

Do you suffer with Insomnia?

Insomnia is a diagnosable condition where people chronically get insufficient amounts of sleep. More than one-quarter of Americans report not getting enough sleep and upwards of 10% of them suffer with insomnia. Unfortunately, this lack of sleep comes at a cost to your health. Insufficient sleep is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even depression. Sleep isn’t a luxury – sleep is a necessity!

Insufficient Sleep & Vitality Chiropractic

I’ve always been amazed at the many ways people benefit from chiropractic care beyond relief of their pain. At the start of every progress exam our patients fill out a progress exam form. On this form they note the changes they have experienced in their body and lives. As cool as it might sound, improved sleep is one of the most common things I see on their form. I will never open up a sleep clinic or focus my practice exclusively on patients that want to sleep better at night. But, I’m grateful to make such an impact on their lives.

Dr. Geoff Huls’ Theory

Every emotion has a physical response, which means physical tension can be identified if you are chronically stressed. Chronic tension and stress can reduce your spinal joint’s range of motion and act like a repetitive stress injury, causing vertebral subluxations. This process is very similar to sitting at a desk with poor ergonomics.

When sleeping your body relaxes, heals and processes your day’s thoughts and experiences. Unfortunately, when your body is subluxated, and full of tension it may not adequately relax, causing insufficient sleep. Getting adjusted by a chiropractor reduces subluxation and the associated tension in your body, which allows your body and mind to be more at rest and may even improve your sleep.

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