Championed Basics


Have you ever watched a great football movie where the seasoned coach takes a group of seemingly average players and turns them into a championship team? The coach always starts with the basics because if you can’t block, tackle, catch and run with the ball you can’t win games.

There Are No Advanced Basics. Rome wasn’t built in a day and championed health will not be either.

It’s not uncommon that I have a patient come in with a radical list of supplements they are taking and a new training program after years of deconditioning themselves with a poor eating habits and a desk job. And, to top it off, after our consultation, I find out they are not doing the basics that create championed health.

Why would you do isolated stretches for a painful shoulder but never do any basic mobility and stability drills? Why take a group of random supplements if you aren’t taking some of the basics that everyone should take?

Do you remember the song that says “the hip bones connected to the thigh bone?” That song had it right! Your entire body is connected from the big parts to the small parts. Even individual hormones in the body have multiple functions. So, if you aren’t doing some of the basics there are going to be huge gaps in your health.

What Are The Basics?

It’s impossible to be healthy if you don’t eat, move and think right. In fact, because our current state of health is dependent on present choices and past choices, you have to eat, move and think right at the same time for a period of time or you have never felt what its like to be healthy.

At Vitality Chiropractic we aim to educate our clients to take control of their health through awareness, spinal hygiene and eating genetically congruent.

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