Docs & Jocks Workshop May 4th @ 6:30


Docs & Jocks ….the 2 hardest heads to crack!

I often run into do-it-yourselfers. “Hey doc, whenever I feel out of balance, I just walk down the road swinging my arms while high stepping, works for me!” I appreciate their positive attitude, but quickly realize their misunderstanding of Chiropractic.

Wednesday May 4th at 6:45 we will be holding at workshop covering commonly asked questions by our patients. We will cover what and how an adjustment impacts your spine, nervous system, health & vitality. We will explain ways that you can get the most out of care and even do an exercise that allows you to start seeing things through Chiropractic eyes! We will even go over ways that you can become less dependent on Chiropractic. Good Stuff!

Bring a friend! The workshop is open to patients, future patients, people intrigued by chiropractic and anyone you consider to be part of your support team. Limited seating available – call 520.844.0733 to reserve a spot or sign up at the front desk.