Don't Stress


Are Your Ears & Shoulders Becoming Neighbors?

Two things can be said about Stress. The first is that it is omnipresent or unavoidable and the second is that we all have different triggers. Stress can come from too much family over the holidays, not enough time away from the office or even balancing a busy family and work schedule. Regardless of the cause, stress can bring an emotional rollercoaster of mental and physical phenomena.

I commonly tell patients that “every emotion has a physical response.” Stress can raise your shoulders just as easily as happiness can send chills up your spine. It might be impossible to change what triggers the stress in our lives, but it is very possible to address the physical response – MOVE, exercise or one of my favorites – CROSSFIT!

Like a teeter-totter, the mind and the body adapt the demands being put on them. This is exactly why exercise has been shown to have great benefits for people suffering with problems ranging from anxiety and depression to learning disabilities.

I like to think of movement as a required nutrient for health. Adequate amounts will stimulate positive brain pathways which will result in more physical and mental health just as inadequate amounts will leave you deprived both physically and mentally.

This spring and summer remember to feed your brain a healthy Crossfit sandwich!