Walking Your Way To Health!


According to the Physical Activity Guidelines, it’s recommended that you exercise a minimum of 150 minutes each week, which works out to roughly 21 minutes per day. Yet, only 48% of Americans hit this mark! That right, less than 50% of Americans exercise at or above the minimal recommendations.

To top it off, the Physical Activity Guidelines are only recommending moderate exercise, which means you barely have to break a sweat. You could achieve your 150 minutes each week walking, on a hike or even gardening. No need to put on the running gear or pick up heavy weights. We’re talking minimum requirements to decrease your chances of disease.

Where to Begin? According to the American Heart Association, walking for as little as 30 minutes a day has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease, breast and colon cancers, obesity & type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and generally makes us feel happier. At 30 minutes a day you’ll even beat the minimum recommendations set forth by the Physical Activity Guidelines.

So, this month my habit forming challenge to you will be to walk 30 minutes a day for 21 days. You don’t even have to walk 30 continuous minutes. You can break it into increments as little as 5 minutes, but the goal is still to walk for a minimum of 30 minutes each day of the 21 days.

21 Day walking Challenge begins on February 8th

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